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Boston, MA (November 17, 2017) - Tyrék D. Lee, Sr., Executive Vice President of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, issued the following statement in response to the Republican tax bill:
Boston, MA (November 14, 2017) - Tyrék D. Lee, Sr., Executive Vice President of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, issued the following statement in response to the Massachusetts state Senate's homecare legislation:
Boston, MA (November 16, 2017) - Healthcare workers with 1199SEIU and Steward Health Care today announced the launch of a new apprenticeship program that provides training and education to employees interested in pursuing careers in high-demand medical coding fields.
Luis Santiago walked into a strike on the day he started as an HIV/AIDS counsellor at Jamaica Hospital in New York City. Service workers walked off the job over threatened cuts to wages and benefit. That was almost 20 years ago.
Since its inception in 1965, The Anne Shore Camp program has been sending eligible 1199ers’ children who are between the ages of nine and fifteen on free, two-to-four week stays at summer camps throughout the East Coast. The program is open to eligible members covered under the National Benefit Fund and the Greater New York Child Care Fund. The Anne Shore Program is administered by the 1199SEIU Child Care Corporation and serves nearly 800 kids annually. An array of camps emphasizes science, fine arts, adventure, and athletics—as well as traditional summer camp. There are also programs for teenaged, disabled or special needs campers. This summer, 1199 Magazine visited Camp Louemma, which is located on 152 acres adjacent to the Appalachian Trail in Sussex, NJ.
In the American labor lexicon, apprentices are generally more associated with hammer and nails than blood sugar checks.
When Hurricane Irma hit the U.S. island of Puerto Rico, it took the lives of three people and left 70 percent of the residents without power. Just days later, Hurricane Maria flattened the island, drenching it with record rainfall, knocking out all of its power and much of its water supply, destroying its agriculture and littering its roads with uprooted trees and downed power lines. The hurricane’s devastation came as Puerto Rico struggles under the weight of an economic crisis worsened by the island’s decaying infrastructure.
Late Thursday afternoon, on November 9, one hundred nursing home workers at The Grand at Pawling, members of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Worker East, overwhelmingly ratified their first collective bargaining agreement since voting to join the largest healthcare workers’ union in the country, three years ago. The nursing home, part of the statewide for-profit, corporate network, The Grand Healthcare System, is located in the southeast Hudson Valley near the Connecticut border. It is about 70 miles south of New York City. Workers at five other nursing homes owned by the network (in Queens, Poughkeepsie, Guilderland, Chittenango and Rome) are also 1199SEIU members who already have legally binding contracts.
One hundred 1199SEIU members at The Grand at Pawling this week voted overwhelmingly to ratify their first collective bargaining agreement. The nursing home, in the southeast Hudson Valley near the Connecticut border, is about 70 miles from New York City.
It’s been a victorious week for working people, with healthcare champions winning elections across our regions!